Your Baby Deserves the Best

If you are one of the many that affectionately refer to your business as your "baby" then you may want to keep reading this post...

I'm going to use the example of a martial arts school, since this is the type of business I help people work to improve the most... Part of knowing the area where I service my members, in the heart beat of their local community, I acquaint myself with the "mom" groups on Facebook that ask opinions for the best preschool for their 2 year old, or the best place to have their kids next birthday party... but when it comes to your "business baby", so often the conversation shifts.

Discussion groups for the martial arts industry aren't about seeking out the best place to get education on improving their 2 year old business, or the best ideas for catering a member appreciation event for that upcoming anniversary, but instead: "Post your email in the comments and I'll give you a free flyer (that is actually pretty bad) but I'm trying to build my spam list."

If someone posted in a "mom group" who wants a free doctor's appointment for their kid, just put your email address below... you probably wouldn't have very many takers.

If you love your "business baby" -- protect it. Provide for it. Seek out the best.

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