The 3 Honors: A closer look at choice

Are we fully utilizing our minds greatest power?

· 3 Honors

choice /CHois/ n - An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

How often do we find ourselves saying, “I really didn’t even consider that!?” After sharing a dilemma with a friend or loved one, we may find ourselves in awe by a suggestion that appears so obvious or simple, we call it brilliant!

Something we didn’t even think of… We’ve all heard the expression before of being ‘narrow minded’, and for many of us we may think that’s a ‘bad’ thing. This is exactly the time I feel it happens most, when we are personally considering our choices to a sensitive decision. We may only see certain possibilities before us, and then enter a loop or spiral where these are the only thoughts that consume us. The constant replay of a situation or a level of contemplation that has us feeling as though ‘there is no other choice’.

In my experience, there is a very big difference between there is no other choice and this is what needs to be done. While, perhaps not always pleasant, the later gives us strength, while the former gives us despair.

When I discuss choice with my consulting clients, and in the context of 3 Honors, I make sure we define choice with an added line; as wide as your mind (or your BFFs). It is true, no one can make decisions for you, but they can continue to provide you with options and possibilities to consider, some perhaps, even brilliant. Each one of these suggestions or nudges open our mind a little wider to the possibilities available. We just need to be able to expand the loop so we begin to see things differently. A hard-angled turn is less scary when you can see the straightway following the bend in the road.

Having a coach, a best friend, a confidant that you can share your dilemmas with for some broader feedback is truly priceless. Our choices will create our reality, but by not considering all of our options, we are failing to utilize our minds greatest power. Choices should feel abundant until you make a decision. The real choice in any dilemma, how wide is my mind right now, and how can I possibly make it wider?

Our minds will only continue to grow wider with more thoughts, more knowledge, and more good and bad decisions. Take note when you find yourself saying ‘there is no other choice’ to any situation, and consider what you would do if you had one.

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