Smarter can be Harder, first.

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We have all heard the expression, "Work smarter, not harder..."

I think somewhere along the way, we've come to believe that working smarter equated to the work being easy, or maybe even effortless... silly assumption, right? ;)

Sometimes, in order to work "smarter" you do need to work harder... until it becomes less effort. Until it becomes easier.

If you want to improve, or "get smarter" in most things, you can probably agree that will take some extra effort, even if that effort is maintaining consistency. Some of the hardest work is not missing a day.

You need to learn new skills.

You need to study more.

You need to seek the RIGHT kind of help--and from the right people.

You need to put some "extra hours" in to review what you've done. To analyze the steps you've taken to produce your current results. To make the RIGHT adjustments.

You need to persevere through setbacks and defeats.

None of that is easy. But it all helps you acquire knowledge and that leads to smarter work.

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