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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

And even if you are in love with your soul mate, you are single and searching, or you are going through a break up, none of that should change the amount of self-love you have for yourself.

Every break up teaches us how we need to be loved.

Every "single streak" teaches us how we need to love ourselves.

And every healthy relationship teaches us we continue to love ourself in order to be able to love someone else.

But if you are one of the many 'dreading' Valentine's Day' I encourage you to practice a new self-love practice.

It doesn't have to be a "big" thing, either.

Practicing self-love is listening to yourself.

You can't complain that someone else doesn't listen to you, when you ignore that need to take a bathroom break, or the little grumble in your stomach that says feed me...

Self-love is making a fancy meal just for you, because you are important.

Self-love is taking the take-out food out of the box and putting it on a 'real' plate.

Self-love is honoring your body and mind with healthy movement and meditation.

254 days ago, just about 100 days shy of an entire year, I've been practicing mindful self-love, and started a 'workout streak' that I do at least 45 minutes of exercise every day. I haven't missed a day, and my Apple Watch keeps me accountable for showing myself that 'me' time and that extra dose of love each day.

Start your own self-love streak with a daily practice that you can honor, if you are single, searching or celebrating the love of your life.

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