Seasons Are Changing

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Here in South Carolina, we are in the midst of that weird time of year, it's not quite summer, not quite autumn.  We have cooler mornings and hot afternoons, and very comfortable but crisp nightfalls. Our plants are starting to die off for the season, our mums are in bloom, and the leaves are sporadically  starting to change.

A lot of my creative friends are also noticing similar changes in their world.  Not quite Halloween or Thanksgiving, still need to keep the pumpkins out... But we also need to be ready for Christmas, as the buying season has come early this year.  Typically, retailers dump everything into making November the strongest month on the books.  This year, with the supply chain issues, it has started in October.  

The supply chain issues have started long before now.  But this is going to make for a lot of uncomfortable weeks ahead, as the shortages are more prevalent everywhere.  We are seeing it in almost every industry.  Those of us who do not need to rely on a physical materials to complete our work will be farther ahead than those of us who are running on short supply--but only for so long before the lack of supply burdens the entire ecosystem.  

It is good to remember, change happens with us being ready or not.  Seasonal change is somewhat predictable, but even when we know the cold is on the horizon and winter is near, we sometimes choose to not believe it.  Get ready friends, speaking metaphorically to all of my entrepreneur readers out there--winter has arrived, start pulling out your hats and gloves now.  Change is in the air.  That can be good for those who are ahead on their tasks, and have been consistently preparing, and scary for those who haven't realized that change is upon us.  

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