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tAhhhh.... The start of a new year is in the air.  I love to take the New Year as a way to bring things back to "new".  I've spent the last 3 days puring my closet, my personal belongings and my inbox--goodbye temptation sales, I will lust you less in 2022.  

I've always been somewhat addicted to organization.  Not the OCD kind, but the knowing "where everything I own can be found" kind of order.  I've purged my shoes, even the really beautiful expensive ones that I never wear much anymore... I've purged my dresses, the fancy ones I've been keeping just because.  I've purged my tee shirts--Gosh, how do we acquire sooooo many tee shirts?! 

I find it very cathartic going through this process.  I feel it is deeply rooted into my core on some levels, too.  I remember my mom telling me the story of how I gave up my bottle right before turning 2 years old.  I had a babysitter at the time explain to me that another little baby didn't have a bottle and since I was a big kid, I could give her mine.  For whatever reason, it worked.  And I probably remember the story more than I remember the experience, but the belief that something I have can help someone in need, truly makes giving things up a pleasure.

I love giving more than I love sharing.  That may seem kind of strange, but if you told me we are going to share this item, I'd probably insist you have it, instead.  I want to know the things I have are truly mine, and the things I give are going to help make someone else happy.  Ownership is a pretty weird concept in so many ways.  One of my favorite quotes from The Little Prince, "You become responsible forever for what you have tamed."  Now, that doesn't apply directly to material things, but in someways I feel it walks the same line.  When you own items, it is your responsibility to clean them, care for them, nurture them so they can last longer, and decide when the love for them has faded and create the space for something else to take its place.  If I love every pair of jeans I ever had, I would probably have a thousand pairs of jeans today.  But having 3 pair that I love and wear regularly is satisfying and fulfilling.  I couldn't know the quality of 1000 pair of jeans, but I know exactly the condition of the 3 in my drawer.  Knowing that makes whatever pair I grab a good choice.  

I've talked before about a capsule wardrobe, and making the shift to a "Marie Kondo" joy sparking life.  I feel my 3 day purge and review of my items has definitely been a great use of my time.  I can comfortably say the items I'm keeping spark joy, and the items I'm giving bring me peace knowing someone else can still enjoy them.  I feel regular purging helps maintain a Homestead of Happiness.  You can find more about my thoughts on building a Homestead of Happiness at my new companies site... www.TheHomesteadOfHappiness.com


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