Original is Sacred

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Entrepreneurs want to contribute on some level.

I do believe this to be true.

I see so many that want to be special, unique and authentic.

I'm no different.
Original is sacred.

But I see an overwhelming number of entrepreneurs, on their quest for authenticity, replicate, echo and imitate.

It's okay to be influenced, impressed and inspired by the works of other great creative minds.

This is how every artist, that we know by name today, exists.

We need to experience these flavors to expand our own palates. This is how we can discriminate and appreciate.

But it needs to be a starting ground.

It needs to be explored. Expanded.

Because someone did great work that moved you to a new level of thinking or feeling, doesn't mean you plagiarize.

Or replicate.
Or mimic.

You take it further.

When you meet your end, the learning starts.

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