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After being in Miami all weekend with friends, I remembered why I loved living in this city so much.  I had so many hopes and dreams develop here.  Most of which I brought to fruition.  

Given the constant strive and drive the city boasts, it makes it very difficult to not be successful here.  You can't keep up if you are struggling to get bye.  It is an entrepreneurs springboard for ideas.  Someone will buy it in Miami, that's for sure.  What is undeniable about a city like Miami, everywhere you look someone is trying to one-up the next person.  You see one incredible car after another.  One incredible handbag after another.  One of the most beautiful people in the world, after another, and another... Everything is amazing for a second, until the next one comes along.  And the next one will come along quickly.  Swoop in and have you awestruck, and fade away as soon as you turn your glance to another direction.  And then one day, it stops.  You start to think a Rolls Royce is common.  That everyone has a yacht.  That a Tuesday afternoon at The Standard pool deck, followed by bottle service on the rooftop with world-class entertainment is  expected.

And, perhaps one of the best parts about Miami is the tropical paradise that comes with it.  You forget reality sometimes.  It is hard to believe blue skys and palm trees aren't everywhere.  This is when I knew I needed to leave Miami...  I no longer noticed the palm trees.  I no longer was impressed by the weather.  I found myself complaining on a gray-sky day.  I lived less than a mile from the ocean, but rarely made the time to visit.  

When you have an abundance of good things, it sort of rocks your world when something 'normal' strikes.  It is easy to stop appreciating beauty in simple things.  This weekend was pretty awesome, getting to see my friends, hang out at the beach and notice the palm trees again.  Once in awhile you just have to step away to appreciate the little things.  I'm glad I can visit Miami whenever I like and be reminded why I love the city, and in the same breath remember why I am happy to be exactly where I am today.  

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