No time for impatience

· Member Engagement

So, I often wonder why so many marketers use an "I'm too busy for you" attitude.

Phrases like, "So here's the deal..."

"Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours..."

"Act now, urgency..."

"We only want to work with action takers..."

Direct and forward communication is one thing... being abrupt and abrasive is another.

All of that can work for making a quick buck, but if you truly want to build relationships and enhance your engagement with your members (in my industry, we refer to them as students) and want to offer them the best service, you need to get to know them better than the limits of conversational small talk--that is if you truly want to help them.

Unless you are "afraid" of what someone is going to "find out" about YOU, why would anyone try to sacrifice that connection with impatience?

Impatience isn't a marketing tactic... (or shouldn't be)


The more present you are with your students, and the more proactive you are about preserving their time through being complete in your communication, you are in fact building a life-long business model.

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