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So, around 17 days ago I said good bye to Facebook for good. 

Well, in full transparency, I didn't decide to do this on my own.  My Facebook account got hacked and was shut down.  The Facebook officials are still deciding if I deserve to get my account back, and frankly, I've already made up my mind--they can keep it.  

Around 13 months ago I got rid of my smart phone.  I switched to the Digital Minimalist Lifestyle fully, embracing the Light Phone 2 as my cell phone.  I kept social media to keep up with my friends from over the years, and had every intention of keeping it--on my terms.  Since my phone doesn't have any app functions, I liked this arrangement I had with my social media usage.  Since I never embraced the Instagram life, Twitter tweets or TikTok's, I suppose not having a Facebook any longer is really no big deal.

After my account got hacked, I realized my banking information connected to my ads account was also compromised.  So, after I had to close out one of my bank cards and update all of my auto-draft vendors, I realized the cost of keeping my social media was more than I was willing to accept anymore.

Sure, the bank made right on the fraudulent charges and it didn't 'cost' me anything.  But I realized there was a price to pay for every minute of scrolling, every 'post' I wanted to make, over updating my blog--now I have access to none of those things.  

Lesson learned, always own your content.  I hear entreprenurs always talk about the time they spend 'creating content' and filling up their social media feeds--no one needs to have a 'blog' anymore since no one reads those.  Well, if you are reading this entry right now, you realize that isn't true.  And, what I do know--I've made a mess of posts on Facebook since 2009, and some of it was pretty brilliant insights.  But the only ones I still have in my possession are the ones that were made to this site.  A site I own.  A site that won't be hacked, where my credit card won't be compromised, where the brilliant things I have to say can still be found.  

I'm even more focused on helping creatives and entrepreneurs keep their autonomy and all of their content creations forever and ever, while building a great brand and following that is rooted far beyond likes, follows and views.  Given my lack of social media connection now, expect to see my blog gain more traction in the weeks ahead.  I know we can build healthy businesses without using any superifical platform to create our audience.    

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