It's not about easier...

Building an audience was never easy.

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I hear every day people proclaiming how much 'easier' it is to build an 'audience' over social media.  

Allow me to start a rant...

There is nothing easy about building an audience, anywhere.

But you do not have to use social media to accomplish this.  AND, if you do use social media, chances are they are not *your* audience, anyway.

Now, I'm not saying you aren't connected with people who love and support you over the different social media platforms.  But I am suggesting that 1) we don't just want to 'sell' to our friends and 2) if you can't take the following with you if you left one day, it is not your audience to begin with.

Case in point:  I had my Facebook account hacked, as I mentioned in a post yesterday.  I no longer have access to my friends list, my business pages, all of those 'likes' I 'earned' and I had nothing to do with this outcome.  Some people would be upset this happened, waving their finger at Facebook, taking on a new email address to generate a new account... but not me.  I'm still waiting for Facebook to realize I was hacked, that since 2009 when I started an account with them, I have never had any violations, so it should be pretty clear this is a mistake... nope.  None of that means anything.

So, here I am, focusing on what I can do instead.  And the marketer in me knew this was always a possibility.  Even with 2-factor authentication, my account still was compromised.    I compell you, if you are trying to build your business, and think you are creating an audience by posting on social media, making TikTok videos or putting your perfect pictures on Instagram, know that can all be gone in a blink of an eye--and if you find yourself in that perdicament, what will you choose to do?  Be at the mercy of a 3rd party who will not value your content contributions after all these years?  

Or... consider building your audience another way.  

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