In 60 minutes...

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So often we reject the good things we can do in 60 minutes...

Like, make a nutritious meal... or get a workout in, by saying things like "I don't have time for that!"

But what if we didn't look at it like we were losing, but instead, making a trade. I will give you, Father Time, 60 minutes so I can enjoy many more hours with your lovely wife, Mother Nature these next six months.

What investments can you make in just 60 minutes today that bring you 120, 180, 360 additional minutes later? Is it worth sweating for 60 minutes to make your heart stronger? Is it worth reading for 60 minutes to keep your mind limber? Is it worth planning for 60 minutes to make the best use of your week ahead?

Extended daylight for the next 6 months is a good investment for 60 minutes.

See, trades can bring big shifts.

Give 60 minutes of your day TODAY to have 6 months more daylight immediately... Oh, if only all trades came with such instant gratification.

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