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The obligatory first new post of the year.  

I wonder how many blogs will be updated this week after months of silence?   Well, proud to say I'm one of them.  As I was reflecting the last couple of weeks on my habits, I realize how much I miss writing.  Since I've started pottery, it sort of consumed all of my creative energy.  

This little blog post is a way of honoring my love for writing and creating space for my thoughts to grow.  As an entrepreneur, starting my pottery business in 2021 was definitely the highlight of the year.  But typical story for creatives, "the shoemakers kids".... even with my marketing background, sometimes bringing it all together isn't so easy.  I've been working on an "About the Potter" card to go along with my orders for the past couple months now.  So that is definitely something that will be worked on in 2022.  

Telling your story.  Branding 101.  

I feel there is so much to share about this new chapter in my life.  A place to recognize circumstances shouldn't be the dictator of your dreams.  A dose of inspiration to say, just because you haven't examined the reality of the dream doesn't mean it's not possible.  As sun breaks on this new day and I'm sipping coffee from one of my handmade mugs, I am reminded that even mud can turn into a vessel.  That time and skill can join forces and make magic happen.  As I start this new year, I feel my calling is finally being heard from the universe on some metaphysical level.  

Organic.  Healthy.  Pure.  Happiness.  Real.

I love to cook meals from scratch.  I love to make mugs from scratch.  I love to write from a thought.  I love turning nothing into something.  That is where I find my happiness.  I love being a creator, a maker, a marketer, a potter, a lover, a giver, an entrepreneur.  

The stronger my self, the better my creations.  

The stronger my self, the deeper my love.

The stronger my self, the less I need.

The stronger my self, the more I can give.

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