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I love when some of my favorite artists collaborate with others and make exceptional pieces of magic come to life over different mediums.

I love when two musical artists collaborate and produce sounds so spectacular that you feel like you are in another world, or perhaps experiencing music for the very first time.

I also love when two businesses can work together to support a cause or bring synergy to a project the community needs.

One of the projects I am currently looking to devote some time and energy towards is finding the most optimal collaborations that bring upon mutual gain for the businesses involved, but most importantly, serve the community on a higher level because of their collaboration.

Is there any greater way to work?  

I'm quite a fan of win/win/win dynamics.  

This is a concept that I focused on heavily when I was operating MAMS, my marketing company that centered around member engagement.  When two companies can come together and combine resources and strengthen their purpose, communities prosper. 

A formula for success:

 I'm really good at this + You're really good at that = We can be better at serving our supporters

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