Back from a break...

So, I realize my last blog post was in March, and since it's nearly July, I felt like now is the right time to let you know I'm back from a break...

It may not be a 'break' if you don't tell people you are going on hiatus before you disappear. But in all fairness, I wasn't planning to disappear. I still had intentions most days, over the last 3 months, of writing a blog post for you, my dear reader.

But like most good intentions, if they are not properly planned and scheduled they do not happen. I can give you a million excuses why this occurred, but I prefer to move forward and announce, I'm back from a break.

During the last 3 months I've studied, grown, explored and thought about many things, and am happy to report, experience is still the best teacher. Decisions happen if you voice your opinion, or not. And whatever happens next, is exactly what is meant to occur. Trust in people, especially yourself. Practice something new, and revisit something old. If you need a break, take one. If you want to resume where you left off, that's great. Explanations are not mandatory, and priority will always happen, with or without your control. Your real friends will understand. <3

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