Any Given Monday

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"I'll start Monday."  

The diet.

The exercise plan.

The marketing strategy.

The day that will change and improve everything.  Monday.  Today.  Now.

But yet so many people dread Monday's...  Monday symbolizes change.  People, in general, are uncomfortable with change.  Change means letting go.  Change means moving on.  Change means what I've been doing is now obsolete--this is a fresh start.  Change means--I am not as experienced with this new practice.  Change is feared when we are hesitant to grow.  

Monday is the default fresh start.  I sit and write this post and wonder, how many people are out there starting up something new today.  Who's going to try their first cycle class... who's going to experiment with a meatless dinner dish tonight... who will put their first words to paper on the book they want to write?  

Any given Monday, we can make a change to our life, but it's every Tuesday-Sunday that cements it.  

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