100 Days

For better or worse...

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What can you do with 100 days...

I have found there is a big difference between what you can do in 100 days and what you can do with 100 days. Consistency is definitely the determining factor.

For the next 100 days, I will... and whatever you place on the other end of that sentence can completely change your life. Everyone is talking about how much they can't wait for 2020 to be over. How this was the worst year ever, and who's really to disagree. Why not use these last 100 days of 2020 to do something incredible. "Well, at least I did (blank) that year!"

In 100 days time, a workout a day can transform your body.

In 100 days time, cutting out all added sugar can bring you down 3 dress sizes.

In 100 days time, eliminating all new clothing purchases can allow you to use what you have in your wardrobe.

In 100 days time, moving $10 a day into a savings account will give you that $1,000 emergency fund.

In 100 days time, reading 30 minutes a day can be 10 books completed.

In 100 days, every one of us can overhaul our life. For the better!

By the same parameters, the reverse can also be true... Ugh, or for the worst.

In 100 days time, not working out can lead to higher blood pressure, stiffness, flabby body, lack of energy.

In 100 days time, eating high-sugary foods can increase anxiety, lead to weight gain, increase the risk for heart disease.

In 100 days time, buying 2 new items of clothing each week would add 30 pieces to your wardrobe. Doesn't seem like much? That is 1,000 potential outfit combinations. 30 pieces can be a new outfit every day for 3 years.

In 100 days time, $1,000 credit card debt, with 18% interest and a minimum payment of $30 can take 4 years to clear--with no new charges. Set up the emergency fund.

In 100 days time, 10 books can change your career, your expertise or your life.

The power of a streak is momentum. The trouble with momentum is it works the same with positively or negatively. Getting momentum started in the positive direction becomes easier with time. Getting momentum started in the negative direction, well, that also gets easier with time.

The choice is yours. I think we've all had enough crap for one year, though.

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