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    I've always been an entrepreneur. I specialize in bringing ideas to life. Over the years, I've created companies that have become monsters, too. And I'm proud to say I've learned from those mistakes.


    You CAN have success in your creative field without using social media, running Facebook ads, saying 'yes' to everyone and spreading yourself too thin, having a super-fancy website and being glued to your smart phone 24-7.


    You CAN workout each day, eat healthy, have time to socialize with friends and family, keep up on all your appointments and self-care needs, travel, love AND run a successful business.


    I'm here to show you how to take control of your business and live life on your terms.

  • Here's a Closer look at some of my Entrepreneurial Creations...

    One of my specialties is turning an idea into reality.



    For over 14 years, I've been helping entrepreneurs develop their dream businesses and make them a reality. I'd love to be able to learn about your craft, your mission and help you mold your creative energy into a profitable business. Don't fall victim to believing you need to do all kinds of digital marketing, social media posts and ads and other time-demanding tasks that may not even help your business excel. There is another way!



    The Karate Princesses Program

    Founded in 2010-2013

    The Princy-Power movement was a huge success in South Florida, providing personal protection skills to 1000's of young girls.

    Martial Arts Marketing Solutions


    Martial Arts Marketing Solutions was the first company of its kind to focus on Member Engagement, a phrase that brought popularity to the industry by the done-for-you parent night out events and community function plans we've created.


    Over the years we've designed hundreds of effective plans for great engaging events that your staff could run with ease.

    Beginner Minds

    Founded in 2018

    I created a product for the Martial Arts Industry that helps an instructor uncover a students greatness from the very start, and teach them more effectively, based on how they learn best.


    If you are interested in utilizing a program like this for your martial arts students, please send me an inquiry, as I no longer maintain a checkout page for this product.


    A passion of mine has always been teaching martial arts. When I was six years old and started training, I knew I wanted to be a martial arts instructor one day.


    Since 1998 I've been managing and operating martial arts schools across the country. Today, I'm grateful to operate Capital Karate alongside my boyfriend and manage one of the best martial arts schools in the world!


    I've taken my passion for pottery, plants, design and interior decorating and combined it with my love of entertaining and a great appreciation for beautiful things. Homestead of Happiness if a feeling that stems from my heart, that I'm grateful to share with the world. From our Homestead to yours!


    Doxie Friends is a small division of the Homestead of Happiness and provides the perfect gift for the Dachshund Lover in your life!

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