• Meet Cat Zohar

    A "Jill" of many trades, but a Master of Member Engagement Marketing.

    Martial Arts Industry Pioneer + Innovator

    Back in 2007, I elected to start servicing the martial arts industry as a consultant, based on how much I admired my business mentors. Dare I use that evil dreaded word... "consultant" but yes, I declared my career path back then and began helping school owners near and around my home in Philadelphia, PA.


    I brought some revolutionary practices to our industry over the years, like starting the first of its kind girls-only Karate Princesses Program that served 1000's of young ladies, and 20 of their female mentors in South Florida during its run.


    Creating and innovating solutions to challenges our industry has faced for years is definitely my passion. In 2013, I formed my marketing company, Martial Arts Marketing Solutions and brought the concept of "Member Engagement" to the martial arts industry for the very first time.


    My company created several hundred event campaigns and student engagement practices that can be easily implemented into any system of martial arts school, worldwide. But my heart was still centered on helping martial arts schools improve the quality of their businesses and the life they get to live, because of it. So my quest turned from simple event campaigns into more revolutionary solutions that answered bigger concerns facing school owners.


    My newest creation, the Beginner Minds Program, helps martial arts instructors get to know the greatness in each one of their students. What if you knew what your members could be the very best at from day one in their martial arts journey? What if you could help them learn certain skills faster because of that insight, and better select future staff members, competitive team members and instructors from that information... That's some of the power behind Beginner Minds.


    Bringing the best Sales + Marketing practices to the Martial Arts Industry is what I continue to fine-tune. Helping school owners and instructors recognize their greatest ability and build on that potential is what I do on a daily basis. You can check out more of my work throughout this site, and reach out to me directly if you would like to explore possibilities for collaboration on a special project, or would like my assistance with building the most financially-strong martial arts school of your dreams.

  • Here's a Closer look at some of my Creations...

    One of my specialties is turning an idea into reality.

    The Karate Princesses Program

    Founded in 2010

    The Princy-Power movement was a huge success in South Florida, providing personal protection skills to 1000's of young girls.

    Founded in 2013

    Martial Arts Marketing Solutions was the first company of its kind to do completely done-for-you parent night out events and community functions.


    Over the years we've created hundreds of effective plans for great engaging events that your staff could run with ease.


    If you are interested in purchasing any of our archives, we'll have them available soon!

    Founded in 2018

    Recognizing a students greatness from the very start will only help you teach them according to their learning style, more effectively.


    What if you could help each one of your students and their families understand how they would be able to succeed in your martial arts program from the very start?


    What if you could identify who has the making to be one of your next best staff members early on?


    And from a sales and marketing perspective, what if you didn't need to sell long trial memberships or nurture an indecisive prospect for weeks or even months, but instead could help them become a student after their very first visit to your martial arts school?


    These are some of the things the Beginner Minds Program accomplishes.



    For over 12 years, I've been visiting martial arts schools around the world and helping them improve their programs and procedures; often times seeing what's invisible to school owners whom are immersed in their schools day in and day out.


    School visits and working one-on-one with your team is one of my greatest passions. To see if this would make sense for your school, please complete the assessment and we'll be in touch.

  • Collaborations

    I love to do meaningful work with branding and rebranding projects.

    Here are a few creations I'm honored to have played a part...


    New Pilot Program

    The best of the best when it comes to empowering women + self-defense training.


    Tutoring Center

    Providing personalized marketing, branding and membership options for scalability and profitability.


    Martial Arts School

    With multiple locations, this school's branding is now some of the best in the world of martial arts.


    Book Series

    Created dynamic presentations utilized to train YMCA counselors, as well as effective marketing campaigns.

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